power looms

Power Loom Manufacturers In India


Machine Type Semi Automatic Drop Box Looms
Reed Space 45", 52", 56", 60", 64", 68", 72", 80"
Shuttle Box 4x4,2x2,4x1,2x1,1x1
Reed Fast Reed
Let Off Semi-posetive type Let-Off. (Either attached beam type or separate beam type)
Take Up Pickle's Seven wheel take-up mechanism
Shedding Tappet, Dobby, Jacquard
Picking Under-pick motion
Speed 100-150 R.P.M. (depends on yarn type and quality)
Drive 0.5 HP / 1 HP Loom Motor
Lubrication Centralized lubrication system (Optional)
Warp Stop Electrical or Mechanical Warp Stop (Optional)
Weft Stop Weft fork system or electronic Infra-red filler system (Optional)


Push button type microprocessor based control panel
Electro-magnetic brake motor
Push Button System: i.e. START / STOP / ONE PICK / INCHING / REVERSE
Warp Stop: Infra red type / serrated bar type
Weft feeler
Weft Stop (Electro Mechanical)
Pick Counting
Predetermined stop
RPM indicator
Beam over tension stop


Best quality weaving
Lower Running Cost
Negligible Maintenance Cost
Higher Productivity
More Versatile-can weave Pure Silk, Bolting, Cotton, Filament Fabrics
Prompt and efficient after sales services.

Shakti Vijay Machinery Company is the leading Manufacturer of Power Looms Machine based at Bhavnagar, Gujarat, INDIA.